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One Bottle of Bee Free Honee helps to save 7,500 bees

Bee Free Honee ORIGINAL Straws - 125 count pack

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Bee Free Honee Vegan Friendly Apple Heart
The same delicious, sustainable and ethical Honee we’ve always brought to your table, but this time in convenient straws! They are perfect for everyone on the go. Great in lunch boxes, backpacks, gym bags, car consoles, desk drawers, at the office, as a gift for weddings, parties....and more.

Use them in your tea, on a long bike ride or at a restaurant as your all-natural, plant based sweetener. 
Available for a limited time only!  Each straw contains .5 oz of the honee you have grown to know and love!  Available in 125 count packs. 
Please note: Container is NOT included!
These straws will ship separately from jars or 1/2 gallons.
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