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One Bottle of Bee Free Honee helps to save 7,500 bees

Original, Bee Free Honee®, Glass 6-Pack

Bee Free Honee Badges

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Bee Free Honee Vegan Friendly Apple Heart

Keep a bottle for yourself and share the rest with friends, family and co-workers.

Ingredients and Facts:

100% Plant based Honee, made from certified organic apples that have been juiced and concentrated.  We add a bit of non-GMO, vegan quality, carbon-neutral, cane sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Six (6) 12 fl oz, Glass bottle with tamper evident, brushed gold caps.  Truly beautiful!

Use it on anything you would use honey or syrup or sugar on...Pancakes, Waffles, Yogurt, in baked goods, in tea (hot or cold), on Oatmeal, as a glaze on your favorite dish or simply spoon it up and gobble it down.

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