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One Bottle of Bee Free Honee helps to save 7,500 bees
Original, Bee Free Honee® Glass 2-Pack

Original, Bee Free Honee® Glass 2-Pack

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Bee Free Honee Vegan Friendly Apple Heart

New Glass packaging! 

We are saving bees one apple at a time...and with STYLE!  Check out this beautiful glass packaging with brushed gold, tamper evident caps.  You can keep a bottle for yourself and share the rest with friends, family and co-workers...or not!

Our Honee Ingredients & Facts

100% Plant-based Honee, made from certified organic apples that have been juiced and concentrated.  NON-GMO, vegan quality, carbon-neutral cane sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Two (2) 12oz glass bottles 

Use it on Everything:

Use it on anything you would use honey or syrup or sugar on...pancakes, waffles, yogurt, in baked goods, in tea (hot or cold), on oatmeal, as a glaze on your favorite dish or simply spoon it up and gobble it down.

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