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FINAL INVENTORY!!!! Flower Pollen Infused - Bee Free Honee®

FINAL INVENTORY!!!! Flower Pollen Infused - Bee Free Honee®

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Bee Free Honee Vegan Friendly Apple Heart

Our Flower Pollen Infused Bee Free Honee has the same nutrition profile as RAW bee honey, but still vegan, it is a first of its kind!  We went straight to the flower so now you can have your honee and the bees can have theirs too! 

Verifiable nutrients - we are the only honee on the market with the nutrients listed on the label! 

We can ensure this honee has all of the GREAT stuff you're seeking, without any of the yucky bug parts.  We start our Honee with our Original formulation and infuse it with non-allergenic, USA grown raw  and dried flower pollen extract.  

Super high tech pollen that is pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO, and chemical free in processing - contains all the nutrients our pollinator friends live by and search high & low for.  This TRULY is like raw honey, with all of the phytonutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and healthy benefits...simply without hives or bees!  So awesome! This one will blow your mind!

Flower Pollen Infused Bee Free Honee is great in teas, dressings, smoothies, and as a topping but it is best to avoid cooking or baking with it as the longer high heat exposure will simply kill many of the nutrients within.  If you are looking for a cooking/baking honee please see our Original Bee Free Honee.

Ingredients are : organic apple Juice (organic apple juice concentrate, water), cane sugar, lemon juice, flower pollen extract, raw flower pollen extract.

This item is patent pending.