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One Bottle of Bee Free Honee helps to save 7,500 bees

Honee-Mustard Dipping Sauce

Ah sauces, the creme de la creme to accompany any dish. Sauces can transform your meal and give it just the right flavor you need to push it from great to wonderfully tasteful.

Create a tasty and plant based HONEE Mustard Dip with Bee Free Honee. Great with veggies or your favorite nuggets! Our HONEE is made with certified organic apples, non-GMO, vegan quality cane sugar and fresh lemon juice. Our honee mustard recipe is GREAT tasting, easy to create and plant based! ENJOY!


½ cup Vegan Mayo (or regular)

2 T.  Deli Mustard

1 T.  Dijon Mustard

1 T.  Fresh Lemon Juice

2 T. Bee Free Honee

¼ tsp. Salt

dash of hot sauce is optional


Combine in a bowl and mix

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