Saving bees one apple at a time

Bee Free Honee® is a 100% plant-based, sustainable, honey substitute made from certified organic apples, lemon juice, and cane sugar.   Bee Free Honee® offers a solution for those who suffer from allergies to honey, young children, vegans and those with compromised immune systems who can't have raw honey (for fear of botulism).  Bee Free Honee® helps honey bees keep their food source and continue to live freely as a valuable pollinator to our ecosystem. Bee Free Honee® is women owned and operated by Katie and Melissa.

For recipes visit our honee recipes to find delicious food combinations.

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 Catch us on SHARK TANK September 28, 2016 on CNBC

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SHARK TANK (re-air) : IF YOU MISSED US THE FIRST TIME...Check us out on CNBC September 28, 2016

Just announced: Tune in Wednesday, September 28, 2016 on CNBC 9 pm (EST) 8 pm Central on CNBC for Shark Tank as we present our Bee Free Honee to the Honee thirsty sharks. You won't BEE-lieve it!! -Melissa

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